Below are some guitar tuition reviews from a handful of my previous and current students. My enthusiasm shows through when I go to the trouble of making a good cup of tea! I am very flattered to read these. Naturally, when people really enjoy their lessons I am motivated to improve the content even more. If you're interested in blues, rock, folk, folk-baroque or pop and you wish to book something please get in touch here. I will be very pleased to hear from you!

You can see a number of other reviews on Google if you look here.



“I’d recommend Chris to anyone who wants more technical skills and confidence in their guitar playing.

Chris is extremely open to any kind of skills that you’d like to develop.

The songs we play are a perfect combination of my favourite music and modern classics that are good examples of certain techniques, which makes up a great repertoire that is great fun to play through.”

Nils Ohlanders, Sheffield

“Friendly, informal and fun lessons, brilliant! And he makes a great cup of tea!”

Guillaume Aimetti, Sheffield

“AMAZING GUITAR TUITION! =D It’s affordable and can be very rewarding and enjoyable when you progress and develop your skills as a Guitarist.

Chris is really supportive, outgoing, friendly and passionate with helping you to discover and build new… skills with each session, whenever you need help or support with something outside lessons, he ensures that he can help you in every way possible.

There’s no limitations to what you can be taught, it’s up to you what you want to learn. There isn’t any other tutor that i know of in Sheffield who allows you to have the freedom to do that, which makes this beneficial to anybody who either currently plays the Guitar or wishes too, as he caters to everybody individually regardless of experience. I’d recommend him to everyone and anyone =)”

Tom Hall, Sheffield

“Chris is a most patient teacher with boundless enthusiasm and a motivational attitude.  He has prepared my lessons with me in mind by developing exercises to address the weak areas of my playing whilst ensuring that there is room for fun too.

Chris’s warm and genuinely caring approach mean I would have not hesitate recommending him to other guitarists wishing to improve their playing.”

Paul Elsworth, Sheffield